Make Money With Online competitions

Roz Sanderson

9th Nov 2023

 Online competitions are an easy way to earn money from home and win free prizes with very little effort.

Making money online from the comfort of your home might sound like a dream come true, but it’s easier than you think.

Online competitions are fast, fun and free to enter, and your chances of winning big prizes are much higher than you’d imagine.

Right now there are lots of people out there snapping- up all the prizes and free cash you could be winning. But as the saying goes  – ‘you gotta be in it to win it.’


Read on to find our top tips on how to make money from online competitions. But first, if you sign up to the MoneyMagpie newsletter we have a genuine competition every week. 

We also offer a weekly competition on MoneyMagpie and Jasmine Birtles’ Instagram accounts. Make sure you follow us as the prizes are always fab.

All the competitions are free to enter and very easy. We have fantastic prizes like supermarket vouchers, food hampers, jewellery, hotel stays, kitchen appliances and children’s games. Sign up for free here to be in with a chance of entering.

Oh, and make sure to keep an eye on our online competition section where we have a new competition most days!

In this article you will learn how to:

cut down on the spam

phone getting lots of emails

If you enter an online competition you’ll be asked to include your email address. This generally means that your inbox will soon be flooded with spam – lots and lots of it. To avoid this problem all you have to do is set up a separate email account.

Try Outlook (formerly Hotmail), Yahoo or Gmail for a free email account. This can be your ‘competition account’, where everything competition related gets sent. That way your personal email account gets left alone, and you still get the chance to win big prizes. Don’t let the spam win!

Do also note that for some of these competitions you have to give your phone number. Not all these companies give you the choice of opting out of receiving marketing texts etc, so make sure you check the terms and conditions if you hate receiving them.

For genuine offers and real prizes, take a look at our competition section on the website here to find the latest great competition offers.


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