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Isobel Lawrance

30th May 2023

Have you ever cancelled a life insurance policy because the monthly premiums increased unexpectedly? If so, you could be owed tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation. This is because you may have been the victim of mis-sold life insurance. 

Have I got a claim? 

In recent months, it has come to light that several well-known UK insurance companies have mis-sold a certain type of life insurance to customers. In doing this, they hid the fact monthly premiums would be increased substantially, and for many, the price increases have been astronomical. 

This forced many customers to cancel their policies due to the unaffordable monthly payments. After cancelling, the money put into the insurance policy was lost, along with the comfort of knowing loved ones would receive a payout upon the policy holder’s death. 

How can I get my money back?

This is clearly unfair, but WLI Claims can help. Set up by a leading UK law firm, WLI Claims is working on a no-win no-fee basis to help those affected claim compensation from their insurance companies.  

No-win no-fee means just that; you will not have to pay for any costs or fees unless you win. 

If you or someone you know cancelled a life insurance policy due to an unexpected rise in premiums, click here. Enter a few simple details and WLI Claims will be in touch. 

The origin of WLI Claims 

  • In practice, this type of life insurance had very little likelihood of ever being paid out. 
  • Policies were marketed and sold at enticingly low monthly premiums in order to get the customers in the door. 
  • Customers were rarely given any warning about how the premiums would rocket – and continue to rocket – as they got older – just when they and their families really needed the protection of life insurance. 

Find out more

Click here to start your claim now.

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