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Isobel Lawrance

25th Apr 2023

Supermarket giant Asda have launched their first ever customer loyalty reward scheme. It comes at a crucial time during the cost-of-living crisis, when millions of people across the UK are struggling with the rapidly rising cost of food, fuel and energy bills.

But how can this new scheme help you with soaring food prices? Asda are promising to reward customers with “pounds not points”, which they can use towards a future food shop. The scheme was trialled in 16 stores last year and proved to be successful, with the chain launching it in all of the 633 UK stores. Asda Rewards is now available across the country.

To get started with Asda Rewards, you will need to download the Asda Rewards app on your mobile device. You can download it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. It is easy and quick to download, meaning you can start receiving your rewards quickly.

When you shop online or in store, you can earn Asda Pounds. Simple scan the barcode on the app when you shop within a physical store. To earn online, make sure you are logged into your account at checkout. The Asda pounds will cumulate and be added to a Cash Pot. This Cash Pot can then be converted into coupons to get money off your future food shops.

Rewards can be earned not just from shopping at Asda, but from completing ‘missions’ or buying Star Products. Missions are added to the app regularly and include spending over a certain amount on your visit or buying a certain number of items from a particular department.

For example, the mission may be to spend £50 by a certain date to earn £1.50. Similarly, it could be to buy 5 health and beauty products to earn £2, or 10 pieces of fruit and veg to earn £1.50. The missions change often, but you may do them without even realising it!

The Star Products also change regularly and include a number of branded and Asda own-brand items. When you buy Star Products, you can receive an instant Cash Pot boost, which is 10% of the item price. For example, if you spend £1 on a Star Product, you will get 10 pence instantly into your Cash Pot.

You can find the Star Products on the Asda Rewards app. If you are shopping online, Star Products will be marked. Not only do you get money back on Star Products, but they may be part of a special deal or discount.

Get a Free £5 To Spend in Store via the APP

Following the success of the ‘First Scan Bonus’ in February, Asda is reintroducing the offer this month for first time users of Asda Rewards.

Hundreds of thousands of Asda customers benefited from the offer in February, with over £2 million earned through using the popular Rewards app.

New users can once again take advantage of the ‘First Scan Bonus’ by simply downloading Asda Rewards, signing up for an account, and scanning the app for the first time to receive £5 in their Cashpot.

The ‘First Scan Bonus’ will run from Wednesday 12th April until Wednesday 3rd May (2023), available both in-store and online with no minimum spend required.

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