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A new study has revealed that Birmingham is home to the biggest horror lovers in the UK. People from this major city love horror more than any other region in the country. In fact, 26% of people named it their favourite genre. 

The nationwide survey, conducted by Showcase Cinemas, has delved into the film fascinations of the UK. This is to celebrate a spooky set of releases coming up within the next few months. 

To mark the run of freaky flicks, Insider members at showcase cinemas who watch any two (or more!) horror films between now and May 4th, will receive £5 in rewards to use during a future visit. 

Horror fans will be in their element, with films such as Scream VI, Renfield and Evil Dead Rise available to watch this April. 

On the other end of the scale to Birmingham, the study showed Portsmouth is home to the biggest ‘scaredy-cats’ in the UK. Just 6% of those surveyed chose horror as their favourite genre. This is less than any other area in the country! 

Jon Dixon, UK Marketing Director for Showcase Cinemas said:

“Horror has always been a huge hit at the cinema, as people love for their emotions to be pushed to the limits. There are some amazing horror films coming out this year, which is why we wanted to give something back to cinemagoers who suffer a scare or two. 

“We’ll be offering any Insider members who watch any two or more horror releases until early May an extra £5 in rewards, which means they can put that money towards their ticket for another horror, or maybe save it for something else if they’ve had enough scares for a while!” 

To claim the reward, guests will need to be an Insider member and watch at least two of the participating horror films before May 4th. Anyone who isn’t currently a member can sign up for free via the Showcase website.   


  1. BIRMINGHAM (26%) 
  2. CAMBRIDGE (25%) 
  3. BRISTOL (24%) 
  4. EDINBURGH (24%) 
  5. COVENTRY (23%) 
  6. LEEDS (23%) 
  7. LIVERPOOL (22%) 
  8. YORK (21%) 
  9. NEWCASTLE (20%) 
  10. GLASGOW (18%) 


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