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Tezos (XTZ) had a journey restricted with trouble to success. In spite of all the challenges, this cryptocurrency was enlarging in popularity speedily. Two years after its release, XTZ existed on over ten principal crypto exchanges. Nevertheless, the network experienced a major dive as of December 2022 due to market volatility caused by macroeconomic elements.

The Russia-Ukraine war, inflation caused by higher prices for fuel and food, and the US Federal Reserve’s quicker-than-expected monetary policy tightening have created unprecedented global instability. In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about Tezos and whether now is a good time to invest in XTZ.

Tezos Overview

Tezos is a vital open-source blockchain platform that addresses common barriers to adoption for assets and applications. The Tezos platform uses smart contracts, similar to Ethereum, making it a powerful tool for developers.

The XTZ coin is the native token of the Tezos blockchain and can be used to pay fees, interact with decentralized applications (dApps), stake in order to secure the network, and also serves as a basic accounting unit on the platform.

The Tezos initial coin offering was held in July 2017 and their two-week sale raised an outstanding amount of $232 million dollars. This total surpasses the project’s original target by more than 10 times.

In 2014, Arthur Breitman, a research engineer, proposed the Tezos blockchain in a written document. A few weeks later, he released a whitepaper with more details about the project under a pseudonym.

The papers claimed that Bitcoin’s design was underdeveloped and it lacked a comprehensive governance process. On the other hand, Tezos came with a pre-implemented governance model which would allow token holders to vote on proposed protocol upgrades in order to avoid splitting the network.

Gain Better Insight Into The XTZ Coin

There are 900 million XTZ in circulation. If you stake 8,000 XTZ in the Tezos network, you can operate a node and earn rewards based on the number of transactions you validate. If you don’t have this amount, you can still delegate your coins to what is known as a baker. Bakers are a fundamental part of the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm by verifying that all transactions in the block are true, that the order of transaction is decided upon, and double spending has not occurred.


How Does Tezos Differentiate From The Rest?

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Tezos has a governance protocol. This means that crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum cannot compete with Tezos.

Tezos is also unique because the blockchain can’t be forked. By provisioning active stakes to create new tokens, this altcoin becomes even more appealing than its competitors. In other words, what makes Tezos shine compared to others is its unforkable blockchain and ability to create new tokens.

Is The Coin Worth Investing In?

As of December 2022, experts have predicted a negative outlook for the token over the next 12 months. According to their predictions, the average price could fall to $0.1064 in one year.

Some analysts predict that Tezos coin prices will increase steadily from 2023 to 2031. In 2023, the average price is predicted to be slightly more than $2 per coin and could reach as high as $3 by 2024. According to this optimistic forecast, by 2025 the price of a single coin would jump to $4.35, then stabilize at that level for three years before increasing again in 2030 and 31 respectively to $14 and then $19.

Always remember that the market for cryptocurrency is very unstable when you are looking at crypto price predictions in general. Most of these forecasts come from analysts who look at past performances, which means they might not be accurate. You should always research a token’s partnerships, collaborations, and fundamentals before investing any money—only you can decide if Tezos is right for you. Also, never invest more than you’re willing to lose.

Bottom Line

Tezos might not be the most popular crypto coin on the market, but in recent years, it attracted a significant amount of investors. Recent political and economic status affected the coin, but according to experts, the coin has a bright future ahead, so it’s a great choice for long-term investing. In addition, make sure you do thorough research and decide whether this is the right investment for you.


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