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You might have seen JINRO soju promotion from so many places, such as banner, commercials on television, social media etc. But do you know that JINRO soju doesn’t just promote the alcohol, yet they have created many interesting contents on their own YouTube channel.

The Real JINRO

I am sure a lot of people are aware of the iconic green bottle from K-Dramas or in any Korean restaurant. Yet, “THE REAL JINRO” is HiteJinro’s entertainment YouTube channel that introduces real K-Culture entertainment content to all the foreigners living in and outside of Korea. It shows a mixture of interesting contents like K-Travel contents, Grandmaster JINRO contents, JINRO Mix and Soju Fact.

Soomin Ah X JINRO

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If you search JINRO soju or any related keywords to JINRO, you will definitely see at least one of these videos. THE REAL JINRO provides K-Travel content series where the host travels around places in South Korea with JINRO Toad. The videos aren’t just informational but entertaining to watch because it shows the vibe and interesting activities to do in each spot and suitable food to pair with JINRO soju. Nevertheless, if you are a K-Drama lover, you can find yourself filming spots of some of the most famous dramas like ‘Vicenzo’ or ‘Twenty Five, Twenty One’. For someone like me that are afraid travelling abroad alone, K-Travel videos has given me an opportunity to travel alone and not panic. Now I know which spots that has the best autumn trees to enjoy or best spots to enjoy leisure activities.


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Have you ever watched a video with your mouth wide open and just stare at the screen because of the amazement and disbelief of how talented these people are when creating these videos? These Grand Master videos are a collaboration between JINRO soju and artists around the world. Imagine 129 hours drawing pictures of IU by frame or stop motion video made with lego? I would just stare at these videos and play it in loop mesmerizing over the details of how they create JINRO soju with different kinds of art. No wonder these videos are called Grand Master because these influencers put up so much effort and time to create such a beautiful masterpiece that will be remember.


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Next there’s JINRO MIX. When we talk about JINRO soju, music is a must. These videos are also one of the examples of how talented people are. JINRO MIX did it in a way where hire different music producers to go around different spots to record moments in a restaurant, pool party or sounds that can be heard created with JINRO products and mix it with instruments. So, when all those sounds are being recorded and combined into a track, they reveal the original song. I bet all of you know the song Butter from BTS or Stay by Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber. THE REAL JINRO did four different tracks with talented Korean music producers. This just shows how talented music producers are in Korea as well.


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Lastly, JINRO Soju Fact provides information or trends update regarding JINRO soju. For example, how Koreans enjoy JINRO soju while playing drinking games. As a foreigner, I always imagine myself in K-Drama scenes where I enjoy JINRO soju with my university friends or colleagues. It is so much fun to learn other countries culture while drinking alcohol. In addition, there are also trend updates about how a person will react while drinking based on the MBTI. So, what is your drinking MBTI? And do you know that JINRO Toad was not the first mascot for JINRO soju? Shocking news because the first mascot for JINRO was monkeys because they are considered as intelligent animals and good fortune in the northwest of Korea. Yet as time pass where JINRO soju was moved to the south region and because of the perspective differences, the mascot has changed to Toad which we are used to seeing it today.


Check out the full video and find out more interesting contents here. Stay tune on the “THE REAL JINRO” YouTube channel for more interesting contents next year. Don’t forget to Subscribe, Like, Comment and click the Notification bell.


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