CEO Arrested for Peeping on Customer in Panera Bathroom

Police arrested a Silicon Valley CEO yesterday for allegedly peeping on and robbing a female customer inside a Panera Bread restroom in Mountain View, California.

The Peeping Tom has been identified as Eduardo Moreno, the 35-year-old co-founder and CEO at SeaDrone, a Palo Alto-based technology company that uses a subsea robot to inspect underwater ship hulls.

Photo courtesy of City of Mountain View Police Department

While in the women’s restroom, the unsuspecting victim saw a person in the stall next to her stick his head underneath the partition and look up at her.

“The woman screamed at the man, who then ran out of the restroom and the restaurant. The victim chased the man… and confronted him near El Camino Real,” according to a police report by the City of Mountain View.

The woman tried to take a photo of Moreno, but he stole her phone and pushed her to the ground before running away.

He was spotted taking his shirt off and jumping a fence but later inexplicably returned to Panera Bread, “where he was tackled by a group of bystanders as responding patrol officers arrived,” the report says.

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Arrested for peeping and robbery

Moreno was subsequently arrested for robbery and peeping and booked into the Santa Clara County Jail.

In the state of California, it’s a crime to spy on someone in a private setting without their knowledge and consent. These are commonly referred to as “Peeping Tom” crimes.

Detectives are investigating this case and are concerned that Moreno may have additional victims. They have asked others who Moreno may have victimized to come forward.

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